The Best Steroids For Gaining Bulk

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Bulking steroids might undoubtedly be the most highly desired anabolic steroids on earth especially if your goal is to increase mass.

Let’s be clear, mass building steroids can incorporate pretty much any anabolic androgenic steroid on the planet, at least to a degree but there are particular anabolic steroids significantly more productive at increasing size.

In addition, certain muscle building steroids such as trenbolone can also be effective in cutting cycles as their tendency is to a great degree flexible as far as both building and cutting.

Determine What You Want To Achieve With Steroids

When searching for the best bulking steroid cycle for size there are a couple of things you really need to remember; of most importance is understanding what to search for, keeping in mind that may sound basic, it’s not as basic as you may think.

When you’ve attained a good  comprehension of steroids and their side effects take a look at your own personal muscle building goals and objectives and determine which anabolic androgenic goals will help you achieve them.

You may be a hard-core gym rat or a focused bodybuilder looking to put on extra mass, you maybe a track and field athlete who simply needs a slight off-season boost or you could fall some place in the middle.

In both cases, anabolic steroids can produce the results you want as long as you have your diet and muscle building workouts dialed in. Others factors that can effect your muscle gains is the quality of the nutrition you eat, the dosage levels, the length of the bulking steroid cycle and how fast you recover. For this reason its important to run a steroid post cycle therapy when stacking steroids.

When you’re increasing bulk it’s also a great opportunity to add size, however, size should be based on quality gains.

On the other hand, a typical issue many beginner bodybuilders keep running into is that they expect results over night. With this mindset you are setting yourself up to fail. Aim for consistent increments in quality and weight gain as these are pointers of  true quality size that will last longer.

Several steroids such as dianabol can result in excess water retention. For this reason, its important to follow a clean bulking diet. If you’re eating low quality high fat processed foods while running mass gaining cycles then you will increase your risk of bloating. You will gain weight, but this will be mostly water retention which you will lose as soon as you come off steroids.

Once more, a considerable lot of this may sound rudimentary however, the fact of the matter is, you can walk into any gym and in a matter of seconds you realize that most gym rats don’t have a clue about to run a anabolic steroid cycle correctly.

What Are The Best Steroids For Bulking

When choosing quality muscle building steroids you clearly need the best, the ones that will add quality mass in the most proficient and compelling ways imaginable.

Obviously you’re going to want to stay protected and each anabolic steroid can carry with it its own different reactions and the likelihood of symptoms happening. For these reasons, you are urged to find out the potential side effects of each one.

For an effective mass building cycle most guys will find testosterone to be the best at promoting protein synthesis (1); not because its exceptionally very well tolerated in most healthy men, but it’s also by a far the most effective anabolic steroid ever.

It doesn’t make a difference which type of injectable testosterone ester you take; the hormone itself is the same in each case apart from how fast it reacts in the body. For a solid muscle bulking cycle always testosterone you’re base compound.

There are also a number of effective bulking steroids that you can add to a stack:

a. Deca-Durabolin

b. Anadrol

c. Trenbolone

d. Testosterone

e. Dianabol

Although these are considered the top muscle mass steroids others can be helpful during an off-season cycle but the ones listed above will be the best at delivering size, strength and endurance. For example the steroids Equipoise and even Winstrol can to a degree be valuable additions, however stick to the ones listed above.


(1) Department of Neurology, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, New York – Effect of testosterone on muscle mass and protein synthesis

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