What is gynecomastia and how can be treated

What is gynecomastiaGynecomastia is a physical anomaly among almost 40 % of males wherein there is an abnormal development of the mammary glands or the breasts. Although the cause of gynecomastia is uncertain, some studies have attributed the causative factors to certain things and each will be discussed in this article.

Gynecomastia is a hormonal imbalance of testosterone and estrogen in boys or men which enlarges their breast tissue. It can affect one or both breasts and while it doesn’t seriously affect the physical wellbeing of a person, it can leadto slight pain in the breasts. However, since this condition cannot be concealed,the bigger problem isthe embarrassment it causes, loss of confidence and undue stress, especially if it occurs during puberty.

Gynecomastia Caused by Weight Gain

As men gain weight, they have the tendency to put a lot of the excess on their bellies and on their chests. This makes an imbalance with the distribution of fat deposits, therefore, makes an appearance of female- like breasts. This type of gynecomastia is somewhat easy to reverse if the person is willing to participate in methods that can reduce the body fat like exercise and eat a balanced diet.

Gynecomastia caused by hormonal imbalances

There two hormones which control the male and female organ development. The first is Estrogen which controls the female physical characteristic development and the other one is the testosterone which makes up most of the male characteristics. Both exist in men and women and any excess or a deficiency with any of the two can either strengthen the individual’s physical attributes caused by the hormones.

Drug Related Gynecomastia

In some instances, the growth of female- like breasts in men is due to an adverse reaction of hormone-containing drugs. Some medical conditions whether acquired or congenital sometimes need to give medications that can at least alleviate the symptoms of gynecomastia. With hormone therapies, a type of hormone is usually injected into the body. Even for any kind of purpose, the fact will remain that altering the body’s natural hormone supply can definitely bring changes to the individual. Some just develop characteristics that are normally found only in the opposite sex, and there are also instances that the one inflicted can either have higher or lower levels of the type of hormone being used.

Symptoms of gynecomastia

Other Causes of Gynecomastia

Although not being considered as medically proven to cause an increase in the breast size of men, these factors were related to gynecomastia because they somehow appear common in most occurrences.

They include alcoholism, psychological stress, muscular disorders, HIV, fibrosis, chest trauma, and even spinal cord injury. There are still studies which aim to prove the significance of these reasons.

Even if some causes were already established to be causing this condition, much effort is still being conducted in order to address the problem. Men inflicted with gynecomastia continue to seek for not only the reasons why they have it but more particularly on the cure or to the ways in which the condition is treated.

As more people become aware of gynecomastia, more are encouraged to know about its causes. There are some that can be prevented just by choosing the right diet and the right medications. All the factors that can be avoided should be avoided. These are the significant knowledge that can help in identifying your potential or your risks in having gynecomastia. As it is said, once you can, prevention is always better than cure.

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