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Working Out Every Day to Build Muscles

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No matter how many protein shakes you drink, the muscle doesn’t grow unless you give it a reason to, and that reason is exercise. The key to building muscle (instead of just walking around sore after every too-rare trip to the gym) is to exercise consistently and in a way that is challenging. Without working out regularly, you’re just going to that scrawny person who eats a lot of protein. So here is a list of five ways to make sure your workout is properly calibrated for muscle building!

1) Build strength.
The only way you are going to build muscle is to force your body to get stronger. The only way to get stronger? Add more weight. If you’re lifting the same amount of weight that you were a month ago, you’re not getting any stronger. Try to increase the weight you’re lifting every other workout.

2) Pace yourself.
Yes, you need to make sure that your workouts challenge you in order to build muscle. Yes, it’s exciting to reach that unattainable goal. But before you put together a workout that is guaranteed to kick your butt and then some every single day, keep in mind that you are going to need the strength and will to do another workout the next day. If you use each workout as an opportunity to push yourself to the brink of exhaustion, you will burn out quickly. Your body will lose nutrients and electrolytes, you’ll be far more likely to injure yourself, and you will come up with any excuse not to go to the gym the next day. Make sure your progress is gradual and sustainable. Remember: it’s a workout, not medieval torture. Watch out for your daily nutrients and implement a supplement if possible. Check out this for best online deals!

3) Work your whole body.

weight-disk.jpgThis is another part of the ‘build strength’ rule. Doing a zillion bicep curls may give
you big, bloated Popeye biceps, but it won’t do much else for you. Not only can favoring body parts result in an out-of-balance physique (nobody will want to squeeze your bulbous biceps if they think there’s a slight chance that they might be cancerous), but it also results in an uneven amount of muscle strength. The big, bulging muscles you have exercised into oblivion may be able to handle lifting that couch, but your neglected back muscles can’t. Ouch.

4) Breathe.
Muscles need oxygen. They can’t get that if you hold your breath through your last ten reps. Slow down and breathe!

5) Quality, not quantity!
It doesn’t matter if you can do 1500 reps if they’re done in terrible form. Make sure each rep is done in proper form– this will prevent injury and keep your workouts efficient!

These five tips are the framework for a successful muscle-building exercise program. Working out every day to build muscles can be very rewarding if you remember to pace yourself and focus on getting stronger!